Facts and Myths on Hair Loss

Women can experience hair loss and hair thinning as well as men, although the causes may be different.

Here are some commonly told mistruths and also some genuine reasons behind hair loss.

Only men experience hair loss

FALSE: Women also lose their hair, but this tends to be hormone related.

Some women experience hair loss after pregnancy, as a symptom of polycystic ovary syndrome, or if they have problems with their thyroid gland.

Hair loss is hereditary

TRUE: Although it is not limited to either side of the family. The hair loss gene can be passed from either the father or the mother.

Masturbation will cause hair loss

FALSE: There is no known link between masturbation or having sex that can cause hair loss.

Aging leads to hair loss

TRUE: As both men and women age, the number of follicles on the scalp reduces, which means the hair will gradually become thinner and sparser.

Wearing a hat causes hair loss

FALSE: Unless the hat is too tight and causes tension on the hair, wearing a hat has no link to hair loss whatsoever.

The sun causes hair loss

FALSE: Hair loss occurs at the follicle, meaning at the base of the hair. The sun cannot reach the follicle because the hair acts as a shield against it.

The Solution

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