Why Vanna White, 63, Never Seems to Age

Vanna White, 63, and Pat Sajak, 74, have presided over the game show Wheel of Fortune since 1982, and with each passing year, the television personality seems to be defying age.

She cheekily credits “good hair and makeup people” and maintaining her trim figure. 

“I do wardrobe fittings once a month and for 38 years I’ve had to fit into those dresses because they’re samples sizes,” she explained. “I’m afraid of getting to the studio one day and not being able to fit in those dresses so it inspires me to work out on a regular basis.”

Her motivation is key to allowing her to stay fit and youthful and is one of the many key elements that goes into maintaining a healthy lifestyle. As White mentions, regular exercise is an integral part of your health and allows you to not only maintain a healthy weight, but prevent heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure.

In addition to this, healthy eating habits along with the daily use of natural supplements are needed to achieve proper nutrition.

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