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Introducing Follinex™
Complete Hair Care and Regrowth Formula

The results are in — Follinex™ stops hair loss and regrows your hair fast!

Follinex’s™ unique formula of 17 individual extracts—vitamins, minerals, and amino acids - in precise proportion to one another, stimulates new growth, increases follicle productivity & greatly improves your hair health and appearance.

You will be doing yourself a huge favor when you start using Follinex™ daily. This all-natural supplement with no side effects truly works.

After just a few short weeks, you will enjoy stronger, fuller hair and even greater

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1822 Reviews | Stock Levels: Low

Benefits of Follinex™
Stops Hair Loss & Regrows Your Hair Fast!

Prevents Hair Loss

The proven formula in Follinex™ is designed to stop hair loss fast.

Strengthen Hair

Follinex™ will strengthen your hair making it thicker and heathier

Nourishes Hair Folicles

The unique formula in Follinex™ nourishes your hair where it is proven to work…from the follicle.

Increase Volume

Follinex™ will increase the volume of your hair in a few weeks.

Regrow Lost Hair

The key ingredients in Follinex™ are proven to regrow your hair…even hair you thought was gone forever.

Shinier & Silkier Hair

Enjoy noticably shinier and silkier hair faster than you think with Follinex™

Stop Embarrassing Hair Loss Now

  • Stops
    Hair Loss

  • Regrows Your
    Hair Fast

  • Thickens &
    Strengthens You Hair

  • Restores Your Confidence
    and Appearance

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1822 Reviews | Stock Levels: Low

Ingredients of Follinex™
Stops Hair Loss & Regrows Your Hair Fast!

Doctor formulated Follinex™ contains the precise amount of these proven
ingredients we guarantee will stop hair loss and regrow
your hair.

  • Zinc

    Studies show zinc reduces hair loss & a deficiency is a leading cause of hair loss problems.

  • Choline

    This macronutrient is proven to contribute to shiny, fuller hair & helps stop hair loss & baldness.

  • Folate

    Promotes hair growth, adds volume & even reduces the rate of premature graying.

  • Biotin

    Research shows Biotin provides significant hair growth in areas affected by hair loss and
    reduces shedding.

  • Pantothenic Acid

    Studies have proven that maintaining proper levels of Pantothenic Acid can strengthen your hair follicles and their cells.

  • Vitamin B12

    It helps produce red blood cells that carry oxygen to your scalp to keep it healthy & stimulating hair growth.

This complex hair supplement is the most effective hair growth formula available.
It is guaranteed to quickly stop hair loss and regrow your hair.

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1822 Reviews | Stock Levels: Low

A Revolutionary Hair Growth Formula
Formulated & Recommended By Dr. Mutter

From The Desk Of

Dear Friend,

I developed the revolutionary formula in Follinex™ for my patients who were suffering from hair loss.

Sure, there are prescription drugs on the market, as well as invasive elective surgeries. But, I knew that there was a better way to regrow hair naturally.

Always remember, most prescription drugs are filled with chemicals and cause harsh side effects, while surgeries are expensive and invasive. Follinex’s™ natural formula regrows your hair fast without side effects and costs a fraction of what invasive surgical procedures do.

My medical researchers and I set out to create a special hair loss formula that works better than any supplement available. We achieved our goals by making Follinex™ the most powerful, effective hair loss supplement ever created. In fact, among the many other supplements on the market today, not one contains our unique combination of high-potency compounds, NOT ONE! I personally have been taking Follinex™ ever since then. Not only has my hair loss stopped, but thicker, healthier hair has grown in the spots it was lost.

I know Follinex™ works for me and my patients and I urge you to order this outstanding product to try. I know it will work for you too!

I am extremely proud of Follinex™!


Raymond D. Mutter, MD

The Science Behind
How Follinex™ Works

Dr. Mutter spent years in the lab researching and developing Follinex™ into the only natural supplement proven to stop hair loss and regrow hair fast.

  • Stage 1 - Anagen
    (Growth Phase)

    Follinex™ nourishes the scalp and folicles to support hair growth from the sebaceous glands.

  • Stage 2 - Catagen
    (Transition Phase)

    Follinex™ prevents hair shedding and damge while also strengthening the existing hair strands.

  • Stage 3 - Telogen
    (Resting Phase)

    Follinex™ works at a cellular level to improve hair quality, restore shine, and silkiness.

  • Stage 4 - Exogen
    (New Hair Phase)

    Follinex™ nourishes depleted and dormant folicles to promote instant hair regrowth.

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1822 Reviews | Stock Levels: Low

"I created Follinex™ to stop hair loss, stimulate new growth & thicken existing hair immediately."

More Effective Than
Any Other Hair Growth Formula

Why Choose Follinex™
A Brand You Can Trust

Dr. Mutter dedicated his career and developed many natural supplements that
have brought great relief to men and women around
the world.

  • Follinex™ is convenient. No costly treatments, lotions, shampoos or conditioners.

  • Follinex™ does not require prescription drugs or harsh topical applications, just a simple capsule you take once daily.

  • Follinex™ is the natural alternative to high-priced prescription drugs, expensive hair products, and invasive transplant surgery

  • Follinex™ is the proven, natural way to regrow healthy hair fast!

  • 60 Days Money Back Guarantee

    We guarantee your satisfaction or a full, no questions asked refund will be issued (less shipping).

  • Made In USA

    Follinex™ is manufactured in an FDA inspected facility right here in the USA. All ingredients are throughly tested to ensure their highest qualtiy.

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1822 Reviews | Stock Levels: Low

Real People . Real Results.
Verified Customer Testimonials

All of these customer testimonials are on file in our office. Order now and
become another success story.

  • A

    Anny M.

    I thought i tried it all and was about to give up. I came across FollinexTM and tried it out. After a few months, I actually see alot of improvement. See my pictures I enclosed and you’ll be impressed too! I’m happy I found Follinex™.

  • J

    Jennifer C.

    My hair was falling out from the crown area. Not sure what to do, I called my dr. and she suggested Follinex™. I gave it a shot and noticed my hair stopped falling out a fuller hair in about 4 months or so.

  • K

    Kathy F.

    As you can see I was loosing my hair…and my self confidence. I tried alot of products to no avail. But I found Follinex™ online and order a supply. After about 6 months, I thankfully see a major difference.


I have noticed little hairs growing all along the top back of my scalp. I have always had problems with hair loss since I was about 20. Follinex™ is the best product I have ever tried. I recommend it highly.

- Mr. E.E.G., No. Carolina Verified Customer


I am still trying to believe this, there is actually something I can take to stop my hair falling out. I have tried so many things to help my hair and nothing else worked. Not only is Follinex™ less expensive, but it actually works.

- Ms. T.L.K., Indiana Verified Customer


My hair had started to recede in front. Now it has started to grow back in. I can’t believe it’s growing again. I am 65 years old and it’s great not to have thinning out in my hair anymore.

- Ms. D.L., MI Verified Customer


For a man 80 years old, I was surprised to see new hair growing in the front and back. Sure looks promising.

- Mr. H.B., Illinois Verified Customer


I am very excited. I have brown little hairs growing where I haven’t had hair in 15 years. I highly recommend Follinex™ to others.

- Mr. J.W., Idaho Verified Customer


Each time I used the comb it would be full of hair. Until I finally used Follinex™. At this writing I have used only a one month supply and my comb is now free of loose hair.

- Ms. R.V.H., Iowa Verified Customer


I am 48 years old, with receding hair since my 20’s. I can see little fine baby hairs along the scalp line. I am very excited! I used all the topical treatments, special shampoos, none of them worked.

- Mr. G.C., Illinois Verified Customer


I am so pleased. I’m 71 years old and my bald spot is practically gone. Even my barber finds it hard to believe.

- Mr. J.K., CA Verified Customer


I found the process of taking Follinex™ easier to stick to. There is no topical formula to massage into your scalp and I saw results more quickly. I am very glad to see hair fuzzies growing in places I thought were bald forever.

- Mr. J.P.D., Connecticut Verified Customer


I’ve used Follinex™ for 2 months now and am very happy with the results. My hair stopped falling out immediately and there’s new tgrowth. My hair is in much better condition already. Thanks!

- Ms. D.G., Pennsylvania Verified Customer

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1822 Reviews | Stock Levels: Low

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